Cocktail Crew India is a community-based initiative that aims to bring similar minded people together through new experiences, fun activities and a couple of drinks.

With our booming and elevated food culture, we indians have become accustomed to A wide array of global cuisines. We know our curries and we know our noodles, but how well do we know our alcohol? Have you ever found yourself at a fancy restaurant unable to decipher the massive Wine list? Unable to tell a pale ale from a stout? Or a martini from a gibson?

Through our pop-up events around the country, we aim to educate the modern indian
About all things alcohol. Whether it’s making a cocktail for your next party,
Choosing wine to go with your dinner or picjumbo.com_HNCK8318knowing how to serve a
Manhattan, Cocktail Crew India has got you covered. It’s time to make some friends,
Have some drinks and join the crew! x

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