The Cyberhub Social’s Launch: Cocktail Crew India Checks It Out!

7th September marked the grand entry of Social’s 5th outlet bang in the centre of Gurgaon’s most youthful, exuberant and happening spot – Cyberhub. How it fares in the future, that only time can reveal; but what struck us first as the venue came into view – was a burst of colour. Reds, blues, yellows and magentas dominated as glow signs dazzled and crowd poured out of every possible door and windows. It was packed! And they were expecting more. Surprise, surprise.

credit: cyberhub social

As we were led through snaking corridors that gave an eerie feeling of old Paharganj lanes, we bumped into JJ Valaya making his exit. The who’s who marking their presence on the guest list had begun. The corridors gave way to a broad space and we finally got a good look around the place. Mentally photoshopping away the teeming crowd, the Cyberhub Social made quite an architectural impact. The steel cage-like racks held together the seating space upstairs; giving a feeling of being in a warehouse was a fresh change.  A lot of these new-and-upcoming places try to quirk up their décor which when put together make no sense. Social, clearly, put some thought into its design and use of space.
Brownie points for the quirky posters.

credit: cyberhub social

Energetic set of bartenders in Gandhi caps bustling away handing out drinks to everyone, people networking like crazy, the peppy music and the twinkling lights gave off the feeling of being in an open café in Dallas. The inspiration of small cabin-like enclosures following the entrance, reminiscent of Mumbai chawls also reminded us of atypical old-style Kolkata ‘cabins’ with chaa and adda making a regular feature. The vibe was ‘get social, the real way’ and boy, was it coming across.

credit: cyberhub social

Grabbing our tower-like 950 ML LIITs, which seemed like we were trying to lug chemistry lab equipment was a bit of a downer, but the star of the show was the flash mob that performed to a medley of songs out of nowhere! A mix of policemen costume and plainclothes they were a delight to watch. 🙂

credit: cyberhub social

Amidst a gamut of exciting places in Cyberhub, Cocktail Crew India wishes Social all the very best for its Gurgaon sojourn!


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