17 Hilarious Bollywood Drunken Songs

Music in India is (un)fortunately synonymous with the lords of bling, copyright violations (yes, yes,’inspiration’; we know)  and everything-larger-than-life –  Bollywood! And good times can’t be far behind without a couple of ‘daaru’ songs! And surprise surprise, more often than not the video has common sense levels dipping lower than Siachen temperatures :/

So what if the music was stopped and the video said what it REALLY showed? Wait for the ROFL-fest! You’ll be wiping the floor clean! 😛

  1. We can’t dance to save our lives, so let’s shake our  100 rupay wale ‘goggles’.                  – Sincerely, Lukkha gang.



2. 90’s babes. check. Fat man rapping. check. Not so Nice-Nice Baby.

giphy (41).gif


3. This is clearly a set. Lady, you cannot be doing that to thullas and still survive!
Namak (Kh)issak Ja!

giphy (44).gif


4. “Sach bolo toh pitaai. Jhooth bolo toh mithai?” The ladies are watching, bruh.
Bhaag le. Like NOW.

giphy (45).gif


5. This is wrong on so many levels.When Bae tells you to slow down but you don’t listen.  I can’t even…

giphy (47).gif


6. I need to be hammered to watch this shit.

giphy (48).gif


7. Before: Mummy kehti hain daaru peena buri baat hai.
After:  Bhai, itne me toh gala bhi nahi geela hoga yaar!

giphy (49).gif


8. Ek glassy, Do glassy, Teen glassy, chaar.
Agle teen ghanto tak I’ll be puking all across the bar.

giphy (56).gif


9. You spin my head right round, right round. Unofficial remake.
The song saves precious disclaimer seconds by announcing it in the first line itself.
Ya toh main hu sharaabi, ya hai botal sharaabi. Chahe jitna bhi rokun, ye kare hai kharabi.”
-Redundancy ki Jai.

giphy (57).gif


10.”Lady, get your hands off my bottle. Get your own!”

giphy (64).gif


11. He: Hah! I win.
She: Dafuq?!

giphy (67).gif


12. Surrealist daaru ka adda. You drink mine bro, I’ll drink yours. Synchronized dancing. Has common sense left the building?

giphy (79).gif


13.  Bartender: Hey! Hey, lady! That’s not your drink!
She: *husky voice* ‘Really?”
Bartender: You’re still paying.

giphy (96).gif


14. Because drinking whisky in beer mugs is the new in thing.

giphy (69).gif


15. When you have to attend a drink-a-thon right after Fancy Dress Competition.



16. Type: The Convulsing
Symptoms: goes a high pitched ‘Wooooo’ every five seconds, especially excitable around shots of any kind. Prone to jerky movements and pulling everyone on the dance floor.
Found: Anywhere where someone else is footing the daaru bill.

giphy (74).gif


17.  I can’t even…

giphy (94).gif

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