image 8 Sureshot Hacks To Beat The Hangover Horrors!

Your 20’s are the best time when you abuse your body with the whole dirty lineup of bad habits like excessive smoking and drinking, back-to-back all-nighters etc; and merrily get away with it. Come 30’s and your body decides to take revenge. After a jolly night of frolicking away with friends (or strangers, no judgment), you wake up feeling like a horde of elephants had a break-dance fest in your head. What happened? “I never get hungover”, you used to proclaim with such a smug smile. Today is when you realize what that “You’ll see soon enough” from the guy on the ‘other’ side of 30 meant. Oops.

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Lied to your boss and now can’t haul that alive carcass out of bed? Do not worry. Here are some of the best hacks that will hide away your dirty little secret and make you the effortless manager everyone knows. Can’t do anything about the pink hair that you dyed for that dare, though. Sorry bruh.

Here goes:

  1. Water

All alcoholic spirits are diuretic in nature. Period. (no we are not listening to that one article you read on the internet!) That means chances are if you aren’t a rock solid stone sober person, you would have made constant trips to the loo. Unfortunately, people refill the liquid depleted from their body with more alcohol- which leads to severe dehydration in the morning. Replenish by drinking the elixir of life like there’s no tomorrow. The influx of water will flush out the toxins throughout the day.

Pro tip: To avoid the boring bland taste, try adding a splash of lemon juice, syrups or jaljeera masala for a reason to drink!

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  1. Sleep

No matter how much our body screams “An hour more, please!” you know you don’t have that luxury to roll around in bed a little while longer. But what you CAN do is manage to grab those 20-minute catnaps that everyone and their third cousins are talking about as the latest thing. Truth be told, catnaps or powernaps are actually an excellent way to re-jog that sluggish brain. And well, if you can sleep it off; envy, envy Mister.

Pro Tip: Time your catnaps during lunch/water breaks so that even the boss gives the appreciative nod.


  1. Greasy Food

Fat cuts the remainder alcohol in your body so if you couldn’t hog the cheesy fries or chicken wings shamelessly because that office cutie had an eye on  you, do so immediately the morning after to carry the suave image from the night before. Don’t know about the cutie, but your body will definitely thank you a lot.

Pro tip: Greasy means, bring on the aloo paranthas with butter, fried bacon and eggs, maybe a monster waffle with syrup AND butter.

hqdefault                                          cred: allrecipes

  1. Raw Eggs & Tomato Juice

Ick. We know. Although not scientifically proven, yet raw eggs work in mysterious ways.  And no. Tomato juice has not been created for the holy purpose of making Bloody Marys.  But when combined together, the result is  an explosive remedy to that head-splitting headaches. Do give it a try.

Pro tip: The author, a she-demon of a  drinker, recommends it. Try it!

article-2626970-1DC5E04500000578-290_634x561  cred: google images


  1. Ginger/ Peppermint or Green Tea

There are chemicals in tea known as ‘catechins’ that work wonders while calmly waking up your system for that long day ahead. Ginger and Peppermint are renowned for their soothing qualities that settle a stomach that has spent the night hugging the porcelain throne.  The ‘zing’ works like a lovely alarm clock for your poor abused body.

642x361-Does_Ginger_Tea_Have_Any_Bad_Side_Effectscred: healthline

  1. Sprite or anything Soda-ey

Remember ‘Jethalal’ and his tummy troubles from all that Gujrati fafda-jalebi hogfest (cue: Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah). Well apply the same rule here. When in doubt with a case of the rumbly tumbly tummy post a drinkathon, blindly go for anything with bubbly and carbonated. The carbonation counteracts the alcohol and soothes the stomach.

Pro tip: Don’t even think champagne.

rhubarb-cordial-and-soda-water.jpg                                                          cred:

  1. Chicken Soup

This should be declared as the universal savior of humankind especially when the greatest doctor in the universe – Mom, recommends it. Fresh chicken broth has curative properties that help the stomach relieve its nauseous feelings after a night of drink-debauchery. Mother always knows best!


One comment

  1. Damn, I’d need to sober up first to try all this out. But definitely bye-bye hangover hell. You guys missed coffee, though! Best cure I know


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