gallery 7 Other Things Beer Can Do For You !

For the longest time since eternity and before, beer has been the constant companion for celebration, joyousness and sometimes for no reason whatsoever. Grabbing a six pack for a sports huddle before a giant screen or a girls’ night out of fun and revelry – beer’s been there, the perfect partner for all things fun, young and crazy. But did you know that your good ol’ brew has some other equally awesome (okay, okay, ALMOST equally awesome!) qualities?

Well sip on, and find out!


  1. Shut up And Bouncey Hair Baby!

We can go on and on about the science-y stuff but in a beer can, the downlow is that a flat warm beer can do wonders that the $50 hair conditioner couldn’t possibly dream of, and that too dirt cheap. Beer contains oodles of vitamin B and natural sugars that add oomph to your tresses. Say sayonara, to all those irksome flyaways and frizz days. Ladies, are you listening?

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  1. Bye- Bye Creepy Crawlies

How many times have we managed smile through gritted teeth and not stomp on that snail that is happily chomping away on our home-grown spinach only to be not thought of as some I-hate-the-environment murderer. But the truth be told, creepies and crawlies are ugly and if not ambushed they WILL destroy a perfectly good herb garden. Do not fear; beer is here. Cut a can in half and bury it halfway into the ground so that the cut top is at ground level. Pour some beer into the can and watch the bugs and slugs be drawn towards it and drown their way to heaven.


  1. ‘Rug’ged Stains No More

The chemical composition of beer helps in fading away stubborn rug stains. Beer, blot, repeat.

(Warning: Test patch first!)


  1. Sheen that Dull

In the days of yore dregs of beer from spent kegs was collected and used to polish the copper vats in breweries. Beer’s subtle acidity helps boost shine as well as remove oxidation without staining the metal like its high-acidity counterparts. Next time your girlfriend cribs about hoarding the fridge with beer, slide in this sweet point for a winning argument.

Possible downside: You might actually have to pitch in with the scrubbing. (Use at your own risk!) 😛


  1. Put Out A Fire

Certainly not as effective as the real deal, but beer being constituted of mostly water works suitably well as a hands-on fire extinguisher to put out small grill fires or paper ones. Shaking and spritzing releases the foam much like the real one.

Warning: Do not use in case of grease-based or electrical fires.

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  1. Insomnia Café: Out Of Business

Hops, one of the most crucial elements in brewing, also have naturally soothing anti-depressant qualities.  It is a flower that is often bought in bulk by many breweries. A brewery owner reveals: “Women often come to me to purchase the leftover hops to sew onto pillows for a night of peaceful sleep.” Although not proven scientifically many claim to swear by its properties. Next time when the night’ a-tossin’ and turning, give this alternative method a try. (We knew how helpful you were, beer. We knew it!)

giphy (2)


  1. Rumbly Tummy Woes? Begone!

Again, one of those mysterious unproven scientific gems that just work. Having carbonated beverages on an upset stomach helps in calming down the roaring rumbles and settle it. Sipping a fizzy beer slowly works much like the same way along with happy add-on of the alcohol buffering the pain. Avoid during ulcers.

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source: mens health

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