gallery BATW 2016: Beyond Every Bartender’s Wildest Dreams!

For every bartender worth his shakers, jiggers and muddlers – BATW is not an unfamiliar acronym. But for those of you who’ve been living under a rock so far – Cocktail Crew India comes to your rescue. With all the insider dope on the how to-s, registrations and a glimpse into the world mixers just dream of.


BATW or BOLS Around The World is a global platform for bartenders who are passionate, creative and have the moxie to lead the crowd – the perfect blend of understanding recent trends and developing their own unique style. Pun intended! It provides education and the technical know-how on what makes a good bartender and inspires them to showcase their talent. Being one of the world’s oldest brands, the BOLS association is a godsend for upcoming bartenders as the academy and the BATW experience helps them cultivate a growing international network which is the ultimate career booster.



For a contest of such staggering enormity, the A-team jury selected is none other than the BOLS Genever Iconic Team comprising of stalwarts such as Lucas Bols Master Blender, Piet van Leijenhorst, cocktail historian, David Wondrich and Lucas Bols Master Bartender, Ivar de Lange among others.  If just that doesn’t set your heart racing, we have no idea what will. And that’s not all, the hunt for the next BOLS Genever Pioneer just got a lot thirstier! Your business skills must be as sharp as the knife with which you perfectly carved that lemon – the all-round bartender!

Talent may get you there, but it’s hard work that makes you stay; is a very wise old saying. True to old wisdom, BATW honours bartenders and mixers who work hard on their craft every single day. It’s a platform unlike anything ever seen – an ideal combination of guidance, skill-building and launch of a glorious career. The winner is awarded the “BOLS Genever Pioneer Around The World Tour” wherein stronger Genever knowledge is developed and once in a lifetime opportunity of learning the art of distillation from a Master Blender of the likes of Pete van Leijenhorst.


Contest dates open from September, 1st till October, 31st; following which the first round of online heats begins on November, 1st.

Do you dare to dream the Amsterdam dream? Register NOW!

Log on to :

PC: google images

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