gallery Top 5 Party Games That Will Definitely Get The Party Started!

A boring sit-down party with awkward silences has turned many a great host into the *shudder shudder* HostZilla!  And its all too common with people buried deep into their smartphones, light years away from the conversation happening two inches away. For both the host and the guests this can prove to be quite a hair-tearing time as no one knows what to say or do. Awkward silences and quick exits soon follow.

Ice-breaking conversation cards or the quintessential “Haaave-you-met-Ted” (cheers to How I Met Your Mother for saving face) are passé, dead and gone.

But fear not. These 5 party games will definitely create laughter memories for years and mates out of strangers.Yes, party games are NOT only for kids. Here are a few entertainers that will set tongues wagging and your upcoming party the most awaited one!

Bite the Bag

It can’t get any more funnier than this. Watch out for the super-bendy ones! Winner winner! 😛

Bite the Bag


Don’t know about the Greek monster, but this game results in some hilariously funny moments. Afterwards!

Nights outlights out

Straight Face

Irony, oh irony. We dare you to listen to the rules and keep a straight face. No, scratch that. We DOUBLE dare you.


Booty Pop

Never could we ever think a tissue box and a few ping-pong balls could result in this beauty! All you need is some string, a tissue box and 5-10 ping pong balls. String the thread through the box so that two long ends can be tied. Stuff the ping-pong balls into the box and tie it with the loose ends to someone’s belt. Put some nice samba music or anything with fast beats.

Aim of the game? We are SO glad you asked. Get all the ping pong balls out with some bootylicious grooves! Enjoy!


Truth or Shots!

Yep, its exactly what you think it is. Refusal entails drinking a shot. Not that anyone’s complaining. Win win, game; right?


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