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Wine is made from fermented grapes or other fruits. Wine is one of the oldest types of alcohol and grape-based alcohol can be traced back to around 7000 BC in China. Wine is a broad category of alcohol and types of wine include white wines, red wines, rosΓ©s, sparkling wines, rice wines and fruit wines.

Wine is typically consumed chilled (but with no ice). Each wine has a different type of glassware that is best suited to its consumption. Types of wine can also be found in cocktails, such red and white wine in Sangria, and sparkling wine in Bellini.

Wine is used widely in cocktails.

Usually wine has analcohol content of between 9% and 16% alcohol by volume.

To learn more about wine and other alcohol, take a look at our Cocktail Saga
Use wine to make easy and pro cocktails.

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