gallery Liqueurs

Liqueurs are distilled spirits enhanced with fruits, herbs, nuts or other flavours as well as sugar or sweetener. Unsurprisingly, liqueurs tend to be relatively sweet drinks that usually have a syrup-like consistency. There are numerous types of liqueurs which are characterized by their predominant flavours.

Although liqueurs are quite palatable on their own, they are commonly used in cocktails. Triple Sec (an orange-flavoured liqueur) is a key component in Cosmopolitans and coffee-flavoured liqueur is found in B-52s.

Liqueurs tend to be lower in alcohol content, usually containing 15% to 30% alcohol by volume.

Liqueurs are used in cocktails, mocktails and even desserts!

To learn more about liqueurs and other alcohol, take
a look at our Cocktail Saga Page.
Use liqueurs to make easy and pro cocktails.

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