Gin, a spirit mainly flavoured by juniper berries, gets its name from the French genièvre which, appropriately, means “juniper.” Its origins are unknown, but the drink can be traced back to the Middle Ages. While all gins contain a juniper flavouring, other aspects of the drink, such as flavor profiles from other botanicals, are variable. Gins are typically divided into four main categories: juniper flavoured spirit drinks, gin, distilled gin and London gin.

Gin Cocktail
A homemade Gin Cocktail.

Unlike many other spirits, gin is rarely consumed on its own. It is a standard and versatile cocktail mixer that is found in classic cocktails such as Martini, Singapore Sling and, of course, Gin and Tonic.

In terms of alcohol content, gin tends to have between 40% and 50% alcohol by volume.

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